Friday, February 12, 2010

My Friend Linette....

I'm so proud of my friend Linette. She is a first grade teacher in the Douglas County School District. Every year the district asks for nominations for the Apple Award for each school. Out of 3,400 teachers each school selects a recipient. Then, the district narrows if down to the top 75, then the top 19, until there is one top winner. Not only did Linette win the Apple Award for her school, but she made it to the top 75. What an accomplishment!
Linette and I taught Art together years ago. Then, she went on to teach 1st grade and I moved on to a photography business. We had a great time, reminiscing about how I was taking photos of all the kids at the school, for the roots of my business. A lot of those kids came back to me this summer for their senior portraits!
It was so fun to see Linette and laugh and talk. Congratulations Girl, you so deserve your award!

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