Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Good Luck Ladies!

I recently had the opportunity to photograph these beautiful young women as they prepare for various professional dance team auditions. These ladies have it all. Beautiful, smart and great personalities! Good luck in the next few weeks ladies and let me know how it goes! I'm sure I will be posting some congratulatory post in the next few months!

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Julie said...


I got your note on my blog about you seeing my blog listed on the NF newsletter. Its nice to "meet" you. I don't have facebook, but I would love to chat with you. Drop me a note with your email on my blog (promise I won't publish it) and we can chat that way.

I'm excited that people are actually reading my blog. For a while I was starting to wonder if I was only talking to myself. Feel free to follow me, I'd be happy to have you in the "club."

Glad to hear your son is doing well!

Julie :)