Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Spring Tornado!

Okay, so it wasn't really a full on tornado, but it sure felt like one! It was SO windy for Katrina's session. She took it all in stride though, and we spent a little extra time, and shot a few extra images, because I knew that there would be a lot that didn't quite turn out.
We did get a lot that did turn out beautifully! Where the wind even helped us out a bit, giving us the wind blown look, that some have to create with a fan. We just had a huge fan, without much control, but I love how the wind tossed her hair in some of these above (especially the first one!).
Katrina was so pretty and had some great model moves! We had so much fun despite the wind! I gotta tell you though, that wind did tire me out when we were done. I bet Katrina was tired too. See, sometimes it is a lot of working being a model... but the images are all worth it!
Great work Katrina!!

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