Saturday, April 24, 2010

Whew! That was fun! And... a few Announcements!

So, the last few weeks have been busy working on After Prom for PHS. My son is a junior there, and I had always worked on various parts of it when my daughter was at PHS. This year the theme for After Prom* was Midnight Cruise.

My friend Brenda and I, and a team of wonderful volunteers, were in charge of the main hall entrance and check in area of After Prom. We transformed it into the deck of a cruise ship,complete with deck chairs, life vests, life rafts and luggage for the cruise. The highlight was their cruise photos. We had all manner of cruise props....towels, sun tan lotion, swim goggles, hats, snorkels, umbrellas, life vests, as well as many other things. The photos were so much fun!
I didn't have releases so I can't share most the really crazy photos here( just Brenda and I and the After Prom coordinator's daughter Amanda). Suffice it to say, that those after promers were in the mood for fun! Made it fun for us too. I barely knew that we were shooting from midnight til 3 am!
A big thank you to Robyn Merrick for serving as chair this year and coordinating the whole she-bang! Also, to Brenda's husband Brad who donned his Navy uniform, after all these years, and served as our captain. Welcoming Aboard not only the after promers, from 12-2am, but the parent walk through as well from 8-10pm. I know it was a huge hit!
And now....the announcements! First off, from a post a few back where I took head shots of a bunch of the CU Express gals that were trying out for Denver Broncos Cheerleaders. Every one I did head shots for that try out made it to finals! I'm so proud of them!
Next, the top photos here show some Prom photos of Hannah. Hannah was one of my seniors this year and been one of the biggest cheerleaders for my business. Hannah also knows her way around Photoshop and has taken photography classes at PHS. She kept saying that she would love to help in my business. Well, she gets too! Hannah will be helping with proofing this summer's seniors and has been busy learning some of the ropes at MK Photos. She is so fabulous and so creative! She even made the corsage and boutonniere her and her date wore to Prom this year! She did a great job, don't you think? She is also a talented writer, so she may be doing a guest blog piece soon!
Finally, an announcement that actually has been a while in the making, but I keep wanting to get an image to go with the announcement and haven't. The one above will have to do for now, until we get a better one of the two of us. friend Brenda is now my business partner! Brenda has been helping with shoots for a while now and really enjoyed it. I needed someone to help with the business end of things. Business has been going so well, that it has been getting more and more difficult to be a one woman operation. Brenda will be helping in the business end of things.The 2011 seniors and their parents will be talking to her a lot in the next few days as she sets up appointments for this summer. Welcome aboard Hannah and Brenda! this summer is going to rock.
*After Prom, for those that don't know, is a fun event at the school that takes place after prom (clever name, huh?). The parents transform the school, around a theme, so it is almost unrecognizable. There are games, food, prizes, giveaways.....all to provide a substance free, fun alternative to the things that sometimes happen after the high school prom dance is finished.

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