Thursday, May 27, 2010

And now.....DARBY! The first official senior of 2011!

I's seems like I've really been shooting 2011 seniors for months BUT, those were senior models and college seniors and ........ Now, Darby is REALLY the first "official" senior of 2011. She actually wasn't supposed to be, that distinction was supposed to go to twins yesterday, but THE WIND!!! It has been AWFUL! Had to reschedule the twins. Darby got pretty calm skies this morning, but this afternoon I had to battle it out and work around the wind. Sessions are going a little longer than expected because of it, but it's all good. A little wind won't stop great photos!
Now, to Darby. She is president of DECA Next year! Was a member of the JV Poms team for the past few years, wants to be a Bakery Chef when she graduates. An all around great girl and VERY busy! She really isn't that into cowboy hats, but this photos just highlighted her beautiful brown eyes so well, I had to show it. And her hair! Isn't it amazing? LOVE IT! Enjoy your sneak peek Darby!

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