Friday, May 28, 2010

I am Honored......

Taylor's family has endured their share of heartbreak over the years. Part of that heartbreak is her brother needing a bone marrow transplant. Guess who was a perfect match and who provided the bone marrow?Taylor. I am so honored to have met this wonderful girl and given the opportunity to take her senior pictures. She has a small tattoo commemorating the date she saved her brother's life, that we were able to include in some of our shots.
It was a hard choice to pick which ones I wanted to edit for the blog (isn't it always for me?). Her mom has some photography experience, and Taylor has older siblings that have had senior photos taken, so I know she would appreciate some of the more artistic shots and some of the fun, laughing ones that I always like. However, I decided to stick with some of the more traditional shots that show off Taylor's beautiful hair and eyes. They are better for Facebook, and that's what it's all about after all, isn't it? lol.
This session also went a little longer as we battled wind yet again....I, for one, am perfectly fine with the wind totally stopping for the summer now. Although, it does add a certain America's Top Model touch if we wait it out and position just the right way.
Anyway, I was so glad and honored to meet both you and your mom Taylor. You are both beautiful inside and out.

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