Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The importance of family photos....

I photographed the Doty family four years ago, when they had Tim's family in town. Well, one of their beautiful daughters just graduated, and they had June's family in town. I want to share with you an email, that June wrote to me, a while after their last extended family shoot. I saved it because it meant so much to me....

Michelle, I just wanted to thank you again for the pictures you took of our family last summer. Sadly, it was the last time three generations of Doty's were together - Tim's dad passed away a couple of weeks ago. It means a lot to have the memories preserved for a lifetime.
That, my friends, is the whole purpose of my business. Generations. Memories. Preserved.
Although I've been interested in photography since my teens, and art even before that, it was scrap booking and preserving my memories, that made me make the turn from hobby to pro. I am able to beautifully capture a point in time and save it for a lifetime and beyond for my clients.
In my father's basement are photos of generations of relatives. A lot I don't even know. Some my dad didn't even know, but knew of, like the photo of his sister that died before he was born.
However, all are a little piece of me, and made me who I am today. Just like June's mother passed traits, like her beautiful smile down to June, and June to her daughters. They are so fortunate to be able to all get together and celebrate Jackie's graduation! Then, to be able to document and preserve those memories in family photos!
And speaking of smiles.........On a lighter note, I can't end this post without commenting on Tim's. Four years ago, we kept teasing Tim about his smile, or lack thereof. I did happen to get a photo of him with a smile last time. And this time...... I think that's a smile on the top photo when June wrapped her arms around him, and also the next photo, when he has all his girls surrounding him! Thanks for being so good natured Tim, and putting up with our teasing about smiles for not only one photo shoot, but two! You're the best!

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