Thursday, May 06, 2010

Nope...still not doing weddings, but....

I recently attended a Professional Photographers of Colorado seminar that was all about weddings. Now why would someone that doesn't shoot weddings go to a wedding event?
Well, three reasons.
1. It was right in my own back yard at the beautiful Parker Villa by Town Hall.
2. Because it was so much more than weddings. It was lighting, shooting with other great photographers, and a fabulous program to boot.
3. Because I DO shoot engagement, bridal, prom, couples...just about everything BUT weddings.
4. (I know, I know I said three reasons, but I thought of another!). I got to try some fun editing techniques, and a new plug in I'm thinking of buying, on these images of beautiful models.
So, hope you like them! I have another PPC event coming in May that will feature a few of the seniors from Michelle Kroll Photography! The seniors and I are SO excited!

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