Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Brilliance at it’s Best!

Mallory-C.-3Mallory-C.-6 Mallory-C.-1 Mallory-C.-2   Mallory-C.-5 Mallory-C.-4
Yes, not only is Mallory Brilliant for choosing our studio to do her senior pictures. She even had some friends who were senior representatives at other studios. (Thanks so much for that Mallory and for all the compliments you gave at your session, I hope I don’t dissapoint! ) However, Mallory is also just brilliant, brilliant….as in, currently ranked number 2 in her senior class!! Hmmmm, I see a trend here…the valedictorian from one school and the salutatorian from another. These girls are making some wise choices! Mallory likes books and reading (me too!) and love stories with happy endings (my favorite!).  She is amazing and valiantly battled the wind like a trooper last night! I loved meeting you and your mom last night and I might just have to go to another high school graduation to see a speech. Good luck in your senior year Mallory!

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Justine: ND Photographer said...

Gorgeous use of light, Michelle! Really beautiful in her hair!