Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chicks Who Click….Our Version!

  Chicks-weekend-1 Chicks-weekend-2 Chicks-weekend-3 Chicks-weekend-4 Chicks-weekend-5 


I am blessed to be a part of a group of wonderful, wonderful, photographers. Some of who happened to be in town last weekend! We had our our version of “Chicks Who Click”. We played with lighting, computer programs, posing…..everything photography!!! Perhaps best of all, we got to know each other better, and had a fabulous time! Anyway, these images although taken by me, but were really a collaboration of all of our talents. So thanks so much to Karen McKenzie, of  Karen McKenzie Photography in Ohio (http://kmseniors.com/), Alissa Brickman, of A Fleeting Moment Photography in Iowa ( http://www.a-fleeting-moment.com/), and Shane Sitter, of Shane Sitter Photography (http://www.shanesitterphoto.com/). So much fun gals! Thanks also to our wonderful models who roasted out in the hot sun while we set up shots and ordered them around (nicely, I hope). They put up with clothing changes, death defying poses, and broiling heat, all with smiles on their faces. You were FABULOUS girls!!  I can’t wait to put all I learned into action the rest of the senior season and beyond (does that sound like a Disney movie. : )


Justine said...

Wow! This is taking it to whole other level! Stunning!

Paula said...

AMAZING lighting! Seriously amazing!
Wish I could of been there with you "chicks"..some day!

Leilani said...

Oh, I so wish I could've been there! These are gorgeous. Beautiful girls and great photography. You nailed the lighting!

Alissa said...

Ohhh I knew I should have handcuffed tony to something so I could stay for that sunset....ahhhh these really are gorgeous! I haven't even touched mine yet! Thank you again for everything Michelle!