Saturday, July 31, 2010

Diandra said….

Diandra-5 Diandra-1 Diandra-2 Diandra-3 Diandra said…. she wasn’t into the whole model, senior pictures thing too much. Diandra said…. that she would at least try everything we asked. Diandra did! And… she looked fabulous in her senior portraits. I love her smile! We did Diandra’s sister’s senior portraits last year. She “borrowed” her sister’s graduation dress for her photos. So glad she did! I love that dress! And I think… the end…..Diandra had a much better time at her senior portrait session than she thought she would! Thanks Diandra and Melissa for choosing us once again! 


Justine: ND Photographer said...

Michelle, you do the best with the dark eyed girls - the light you capture in them adds such life and depth! Gorgeous!


You do such a great job capturing all these seniors Michelle. Beautiful girl and beautiful images!