Saturday, July 31, 2010

Almost Cancelled!

Alli-6 Alli-3 Alli-4 Alli-1  Alli-2 Those afternoon rain showers! We ALMOST had to cancel Alli’s Senior shoot! Went back and forth several times….even had an alternate date picked out to reschedule. But, as it often does in Colorado, the skies cleared, the rain dried and we got some great light! Alli is a senior model for the studio and I wanted to take her to the lake to get some shots. She wanted a long sleeve blue top, but couldn’t find long sleeves in the summer. Well, lucky for us we have daughters (and sons). We raid their closets before having a garage sale, or giving away clothes, for those perfect photo outfits. Alli was able to go through our stash and find the perfect top and the perfect fit. So glad we didn’t have to cancel Alli and we got some great portraits. Thanks for helping out and coming to the lake!


Justine: ND Photographer said...

So glad you didn't cancel - the light is amaizing and you caught it brilliantly! WOW!

Revenda Bierley Carlisle Pa Senior Photographer said...

Beautiful as always. I love the first one with the sun shining through the clouds.

Andrea Olympia WA Photographer said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE how the sky is opening up on the background of some of them. Gorgeous shots!