Saturday, July 31, 2010

What’s in a Name?

Lauren-m-5 Lauren-m-1 Lauren-m-2 Lauren-m-3 This is Lauren. She’s the third Lauren we have had at the studio this summer. Also had a bunch of Taylor’s, and a few Melissa’s. Some of these seniors have the same first name, but they are all very different personalities. A lot of seniors will come to the studio because they saw something they liked, that a friend of theirs had. They want the same thing. We try to accommodate that. But, we also try to get something that is uniquely you. Be it showcasing a sport that you are involved in, or something as simple as a favorite item of clothing, like a scarf or a shirt. Or maybe it’s a certain pose or look that you have. Perhaps, a certain location you like to go too. Let us know!  We can probably do it! Lauren’s mom for sure wanted a photo in the shirt shown right above. Got it! And it’s beautiful!! Just like Lauren!


Justine: ND Photographer said...

Love her little sprinkle of freckles! These are so fresh and summery. Again, Michelle, great work!

Revenda Bierley Carlisle Pa Senior Photographer said...

What a cutie... I love her freckles. Great job with you lighting.


I agree that you are able to make each session unique to that senior, including this one of course. Nice job!