Saturday, July 17, 2010

Taking them wasn’t so bad…..Editing a little harder

  Chase-1 Chase-2 Chase-3   Chase-6 Chase-7 Chase-8 Chase-9Chase-5Chase-14 Chase-4Chase-10 So, imagine you’re the photographer’s son. You hate pictures. You hate scratchy clothes. You hate being told what to do, and how to stand. You hate missing time away from your friends, and computer, to do, of all things, TAKE SENIOR PICTURES!    BUT, you know you got to do it, and you know it will make your mom really, really, happy. So what do you do? Schedule a time with mom, just like any other senior, and make the best of it. Insist that she welcome you in chalk, just like the rest of the seniors. Goof with your sister who is playing mom for the day, and fixing your hair and clothes, cuz mom’s behind the lens. Whine just a little. Then, get it over with!
      Now, imagine you’re the photographer taking you’re son’s senior pictures. You pick out clothes that follow the rules. Long sleeves, solid colors for you. Something comfortable, that he likes for him. Welcome him in chalk. Treat him (almost) like any other senior. Then, get it over with! However, then comes the editing. You think, do I like black and white or color? Is this crop good? Or, do I like this better? What if I add a texture here? Or, use this action? And all the time you’re thinking… he’s going to be gone this time next year. It’s going to be so quiet. His friends won’t be hanging out around the house. He really IS walking down that path of life, just like I was joking with a senior’s mom last year, when I took a similar picture on a path! Then, you try not to cry. Then, you blog about it, just like any other senior, and you do cry. And finally, you know what all the other mom’s feel like, when they take and see their children’s senior pictures, and you are glad that you can capture that memory for them to hold forever. :)Love you Chase. You made me really, really, happy.


Creative Images by Tammy said...

awesome!! He is very handsome and you did wonderful at capturing who he is!

Justine said...

Jeez, you almost made me cry, too and we have 6 years to go until it my turn with my son. LOL. These are really great photos! Love the one with the little sideways smile.

Paula said...

Love these! Your own children are the hardest! You did an incredible job and your children are so blessed to have such a talented mom to document their lives! :)