Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wanted – One blog photo picker

Sarah-4Sarah-5  Sarah-2 Sarah-3  Wanted – One blog photo picker, for a photographer that spends way to much time trying to pick just the right images to post on the blog. Photographer has had the great fortune to be blessed with many beautiful clients (like Sarah here) who photograph so well, that many of the images turn out beautifully. Causing said photographer to agonize over which image her client will like best.  Photographer is losing sleep, and staying up too late, working on images (but having fun doing it!). Position will require long hours, with little pay, but the visual benefits far outweigh anything else……….you are gorgeous Sarah! So nice to meet you today! And so glad the rain held off  just long enough!


Revenda Bierley said...

She is stunning! I love the first one!

The Curvy Life said...

She has such a gorgeous "girl next door" beauty! You captured it perfectly!!