Thursday, August 12, 2010

All the Way from Oklahoma!

Christen-4  Christen-2 Christen-3 Christen-1

Christen was visiting her aunt and saw Murphy’s senior pictures. After a bit of shopping with her Aunt and sister….voila! Senior Pictures that no one else in Oklahoma will have! Doesn’t she have some gorgeous blue eyes? And, she was so sweet! Luckily, since school doesn’t start for her as early as it started around here, she was able to take a time when everyone else was in school. However, the next morning, after her session, she had to fly home and start school herself. Hope you have a fabulous senior year Christen!! And enjoy your senior portraits that are no one else in Oklahoma will have. :) You are such a sweetheart!

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Brenda said...

The portraits turned out beautifully! Thank you Michelle, to both you and your assistant, Brenda.