Friday, August 13, 2010

And the Winner Is…..

 NIck-B.-1 NIck-B.-2 NIck-B.-3 NIck-B.-4

And the Winner Is……Nick!! Nick won our free session giveaway at the Chaparral Senior Photo Fair we attended last spring.  I’m pretty sure Nick had never heard of our studio before he won, and probably wasn’t 100% sure he even really wanted me to do his senior portraits. But hey….it was free… so he booked a session….and came with his family. He followed all the instructions on the tips sheet, including, something he likes (his guitar, neon orange shoes and bracelets) and something mom likes (something a little more timeless that will still look great when he shows his kids later in life…. see I know…I’m a mom too, and have a senior, so know both sides.) So, for Nick and his mom…..two sneak peek images for him, and two for his family! Hope you like them all and tell your friends all about our studio now that you know who we are! The studio that can rock it to “Boys Like Girls” as well as “The Stray Cats”, right Nick and Nancy? :)

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