Monday, August 16, 2010

Off the Cuff

 Zach-S.1 Zach-S.-2 Zach-S.-4Zach-S.-3The first image here was taken kind of last minute and off the cuff, but it’s one of my favorite. It really shows more about Zach, and what he would rather be doing than taking senior portraits. Texting! I’m a huge texter myself, so I can relate. And, even though Zach had a headache, he was still a great model, and did a great job at his senior pictures. Love the last one where’s he’s looking like a model! Also, LOVE the color shirt his mom chose. It looks so good with not only his eyes, but our green backgrounds. And, the gadget Zach has to have, as noted on his info sheet? Cell Phone, of course!

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