Thursday, August 19, 2010

By Request….

 Basia-1 Basia-4Basia-2 Basia-3 We always ask seniors, when they come into the studio, if they have seen anything on the website, or the blog, that they really liked and want to do. For Basia it was the pose shown just above, on the ground with her feet kicked up. She looks adorable! We were battling wind (again) but got creative with some posing and her hair and I love the one with her “pigtails”.  Basia has it all together and already knows which college she will be attending after visiting a bunch this summer. She even brought something from the present…her volleyball uniform, and something from her future…a t-shirt from the college she will be attending. I can already visualize some really cute graduation party announcements! So cute! Great meeting you Basia!

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