Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Grunge Wall


Will laughed when I said let’s take some pictures near the grunge wall, but being an artist himself, I think he can appreciate the “grunge” look that is so popular right now. So, what’s grunge you ask? The total opposite of what photography used to be. Instead of a setting of flowers or trees we go to the back alleys with graffiti (if there is a trash bin there for a pop of color…all the better…here, we make due with a cinder block wall out back). Instead of shirts and ties, it’s T-shirts and jeans. Instead of just a photo, we add techniques, like layers of texture to the top. So, that’s grunge….just a bit more out there, a bit more artistic. Not for everyone, but that’s why we do a little of both here. Will split his session for after he gets his braces off (very soon!), so you will be seeing more of Will in a few months! Enjoy Will! See you soon!

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