Sunday, August 22, 2010

We’re on…no, we’re off…no, we’re on again.

 Tyler-F.-1 Tyler-F.-2

Poor Tyler, didn’t know what to think…..first, it was raining. Not a little, but quite a bit. We called to tell him we would have to reschedule. Then, it stopped. Like that. We called again. Back on again, can you make it? Sure he could! And we were back on again! Tyler is a guy that can roll with the punches. We got lots of great shots, and some fabulous lighting because of the overcast conditions. And Tyler, he looked pretty fabulous himself! Glad we were able to get it done Tyler!

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Rebecca said...

I just love these pictures of my super handsome nephew Tyler! What an awesome haircut...hehehe. I wish that I had Michelle Kroll in NY for my daughters senior picture! Tyler, I got misty eyed seeing you so grown up looking! I love you!