Tuesday, August 03, 2010

THE Jeff D.

Jeff-2 Jeff1I was telling Jeff he has such a great name that he is destined to do something BIG!  After starting out not being too sure about senior pictures, he ended up with some great, great, stuff! He was one of those guys that just seemed to always know just what to do with his hands, and a pose. So much so, that we were kidding him that we were going to name a pose after him. So, announcing……THE JEFF D Pose, top here. I’m sure it was just a happy accident, but he looks great! I just loved this guy! So great to meet you Jeff and thanks for putting up with us and our kidding! You are the best!


Justine said...

He does look like a natural in front of the camera. But it does take a good photographer to bring that out!

Paula said...

Looks like a nice and relax senior session. Nice work!