Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Sometimes Simple is Truly the Best

 Olivia-1 Olivia-2 Olivia-3 Olivia-4

I love the simplicity of Olivia’s Senior pictures. Simple solid color clothes, simple non distracting background. Simple crops. The focus is all on Olivia and her beautiful hair and eyes! She had some great stuff on her info sheet….Best Advice: Look fear in the eyes and say you don’t care. If she won the Lottery she’d: Scream (and go shopping)! Favorite thing about Colorado: the sky after a big storm (love that!) Something about your best friend: Besties since 1st grade! (look for her best friend Chandler’s photos soon!) So fabulous to meet you Olivia (and Debbie)!


Justine said...

You are so right! Simply gorgeous!

Paula said...

Wow her eyes are just beautiful! Another great senior portrait session by Michelle Kroll!