Monday, September 06, 2010

And now we interrupt our regularly scheduled seniors…NF Walk this weekend!

Ryan-nf-image And now we interrupt our regularly scheduled seniors for a word from our sponsors. Well, okay, not really our sponsors, but an organization that is near and dear to my family’s heart.  Above is my youngest Ryan. Ryan has neurofibromatosis 2, or NF2. children with NF 2 get benign tumors on their central nervous system. Ryan lost an eye to a tumor several years ago, but aside from some learning disabilities, a slight hearing loss, and a more significant vision loss, he is fairly symptom free. We do visit The Children’s Hospital every year (a wonderful facility with equally as wonderful drs. and nurses) for a day of MRI’s, Audiology, Oncology and Eye Drs. appointments to monitor his tumors. Others are not so lucky and have more significant problems. We also know that things for Ryan could change in the future and he could not be so lucky.  The Children’s Tumor Foundation sponsors a NF Walk in Denver every year that we contribute too. The walk this year is this Sunday at 2 pm in Clement Park in Lakewood. We would love to have everyone join us! And, more importantly, we would love for you to donate to this worthy cause…even something as little as $5.00 will help us reach our goal of $1500.00. Here is the link to donate to Ryan’s team if you can’t make the walk. and here is the link to register for Ryan's team if you can make the walk (to walk is free and there will be free food and bands at the event!) Be sure to register under Ryan’s Renegades and be patient…the site is slow! Thanks so much!!! It means the world to us!

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