Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Kaelah-4 Kaelah-1  Kaelah-3 Kaelah-2

Now I know Kaelah’s mom will like the last one here. It was the outfit she liked best. It was the smile she liked best. And I know she will like the one right above it. When we were shooting, she talked about how much she liked it at the time. Now Kaelah, I’m not sure which one she will like best. But my guess is that it will be the first one. It just seems so her. Since I pick the images for the blog and usually they end up on Facebook. It is always fun to see which one seniors choose as their profile pictures. Sometimes it’s my favorite. Sometimes not. So what’s my favorite of these? hmmmmmm…ALL of them!! That’s why it is so hard for me to pick blog images. I like everything! lol! Enjoy Kaelah!

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