Sunday, October 31, 2010

Even More Seniors!

 Julia-P-1 Julia-P-2Julia-P-4 Julia-P-3 Nope, we STILL aren’t done yet! This is Julia. Julia with the amazing eyes! We shot her sister’s senior photos a while back and now it was Julia’s turn. Luckily, with this great fall we’ve been having, Julia had a lot nicer weather than Megan, her sister had. I remember battling snow flurries with Megan’s shoot. Although it was a bit nippy in the morning, Julia’s day ended up in the 70’s! Lovin’ this Indian Summer! If the snow can stay in the mountains and it stays balmy down here. All the better to me! Julia is a snowboarder in addition to the 4 years she spend on the cheer team, so I know she wants that snow in the mountains as well. Ski season IS just around the corner! Woo Hoo!

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