Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You Gotta Have ART!

Will-4 Zach-D-1 Zach-D-2 Zach-D-3  Will-3 Zach and Will have so much in common and I don’t believe they even know each other! Both of them LOVE art and both are planning careers in that field. Both reallyknow how to pose,  and both are extremely nice guys! So, with their art backgrounds in mind, I did some fun artistic techniques to their first two images above. Will came in for the second half of his senior session. We had shot the first half to make his yearbook deadline. The second half we did after his braces came off! Doesn’t he look great? He’s kind of known for his shoes with the wild laces, so we had to do some with those! Zach was a referral from a good friend, but as soon as I saw him I remembered him from a birthday party I attended. He was sketching away some images for the kids at the party. He was such a hit with the kids, and so good then, and this was years ago. I’d love to see some of his work now!  It was a pleasure taking your senior pictures guys! Enjoy your sneak peeks!

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