Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Finishing up Class of 2011 and Starting 2012


I always feel like I live my life a year ahead of time. For me, the year 2011 started in February of 2010 when we started contacting and photographing senor models on a cold snowy day. This year, we will be starting to photograph the Class of 2012 this weekend on what appears to be a much nicer weekend. They are forecasting 70’s!!!!! But enough about 2012. Alex here is one of our few final 2011’s. We saved the best for last! I loved Alex’s tall boots! Her cute polka dot blue dress looked great on the porch too. And, if she was a little cold with the wind that was blowing that day, she didn’t show it! We wrapped her in our soft, warm, fuzzy, white blanket in between shots. So great to meet you Alex and I hope you love your senior portraits!

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