Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Super small sneak peek…


A small client and a small sneak peek. I recently did a BIG portrait  shoot with Silas parents, and grandparents, and yes, a few of Silas! I came back from Spring Break and needed to finish up some work I did before break, as well as get ready for our big Senior Model shoot this upcoming weekend. Now, I still need to finish up a ton of graduation announcements. So, my apologies to Silas’s family who will have to wait just a bit to see the rest of the images. However, I did want to give them a  little sneak peek of what is to come. Don’t you just love Sila’s big blue eyes?!  Such a cutie, and he was so full of smiles the whole time we were there! A super big thank you to his parents and grandparents who were amazing hosts. We went everywhere and saw all the sights of Tucson. They introduced us to a place that I SO wish they had in Denver! A gelato store called  Frost. Loved it! Hopefully, I will get caught up soon and you will get to see the rest of Sila’s family and see where those baby blues came from!  I glanced at the images when I was downloading and I was so happy how well we were able to capture those eyes! Thanks to my husband who stepped in as reflector holder with a car sun shade since my real reflector was too big to bring. We got some great catchlights! My new portable Larson reflector was delivered while I was away. Can’t wait to use it this weekend with our Class of 2012 Senior Models!

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Silas's Mommy said...

Ahhhhh you are amazing Michelle! Don't worry one bit about the delay... we know how busy (and popular!) you are, and we are so grateful you took the time to do this for us!