Thursday, July 21, 2011

Model Perfect


Kate is one of our senior models. She came in for her senior shoot and we got to have some fun.  Isn’t she gorgeous? Our models get an extra 15 minutes of shooting time where we just get to play. For Kate’s time our assistant Hannah, as aspiring photographer and power blogger (visit her amazing blog here ) got to play with my camera and lenses. Her portrait is the last one (photography by Hannah, editing by me, until Hannah has a chance to come in and play). I also played with some sun flare. Usually, I am not a fan of sun flare (seen in the second photo). In fact, I do everything I can to avoid it as taught by the old school rules of photography. And, in fact again, the original of this photo does not have sun flare. However, sun flare is all the rage in photos these days so I decided to try it on this photo (it’s all done in Photoshop in this case)

. And guess what……I really like it here! In fact better than the original without the flare.  AMAZING session Kate! Thanks so much!

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