Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lovely Lexi

Lexi-MLexi-M-1Lexi-M-2lexi-storyboardLexi is just adorable and has the most perfect skin, the cutest smile (and personality) and the greatest eyes! I loved the hat and jewelry that she brought. SO my style…I forgot to ask her where she got most of her earrings, rings  and bracelet.  She loves the outdoors and her favorite thing about Colorado is that is has all four seasons. I have to agree with you Lexi! Thanks for a great photo shoot Lexi!  And, thanks to Lexi’s friend Katie who helped with reflectors yesterday! Note : Click on the storyboard for a bigger version. We offer these storyboards in large and small sizes for sale in the studio. This one turned out so cute!

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Hannah said...

oh my gosh lexi is so cute!! so are those pictures in the field- so sweet and simple :)