Thursday, July 14, 2011

One for me, one for Mom, and one for Janey.


Can you guess which ones are for who? Maybe not. Janey’s mom gets the bottom one. You see, Janey is NOT a high heel kind of girl. She reluctantly put them on for a picture for her mom. She had them on for exactly two shots. Not because she refused more. Or not because her mom wanted more. Mostly, because I knew right away we had gotten a great shot!  What do you think Rae Marie? She looks great in heels (as well as everything else!) Janey runs track, cross country and swims. I love the second to the last one because it looks like she just got down with a big run and had flopped down on the ground.  The second one is for me because I was playing with some Photoshop actions and textures. The first one is for both me and Janey. Again, doing some playing with actions and textures on Janey and her cute, cute rain boots.  Janey is known for her boots after swim meets. She has several pairs that she puts on with her suit or her shorts. I love ‘em! So cute! Wish she would have brought the lot of them! So remember, as it says in our tip sheet. If there is something that defines you….bring it! It may just be your favorite shot!

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