Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Cheyenne-M-Cheyenne-M-2Cheyenne-M-3Cheyenne-M-4Cheyenne….don’t you love her name? Cheyenne brought her friend Kelly who was great help on hair and accessories. And did she have some cute accessories. Cute earrings, cute jeans, cute rings! And she followed the rules so well with her solid colored shirts. It really puts the focus on her great eyes. And someday….yes someday…Brenda and I will fit into those Miss Me jeans. Maybe not Cheyenne’s ultra tiny size, but we will! And then you will definitely see some photos that show off those amazing bling pockets on those jeans, just like we showed off those pockets on some of Cheyenne’s photos. So lovely to meet you and Kelly Cheyenne!

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