Sunday, August 21, 2011

Taylor S.

Taylor-S-Taylor-S-2Taylor-S-3Taylor-S-4When Taylor came in we started asking her about what she does for fun. She said snowboard.  But wait…no snowboard with her! Luckily, she lives close. So, we sent her mom home for the snowboard and snow equipment. Luckily (again), the weather wasn’t as hot as it’s been lately, so she didn’t totally melt dressed  in her snowboard gear in the middle of August! We just loved Taylor’s hair and we did battle the wind again, but something about Taylor’s hair made it blow in those model perfect looks instead of a total mess. She got lots of good “model hair” shots as we call them! In fact, the one in the purple above I went back and forth on. There was one with model perfect hair blowing back and this one with a magazine ad look blowing across her face just right.  I liked this one just a bit better. We will see what Taylor thinks when she sees her finished gallery. Thank your mom Taylor once again for making that trip to fetch the snowboard. It was SO worth it!

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