Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I’m a Stalker….I admit it!

There are several photographer’s whose work I just love and admire. I visit their blogs quite often and marvel at the images.  I don’t often leave comments but sometimes I do.  They are scattered across the country and specialize in all genres of photography. One of those photographers is Andee with Crave Photography. Andee does not only photography, but mentoring and design as well. She also has some givaways! Right now she is giving away a fabulous lens for either Nikon or Canon as well as a lot of other prizes. One of the ways to win is to blog about her giveaway. So I am doing just that. Who knows I might just be the next winner! Until then you can visit the link above and check out Andee’s work! (And I will let you know if I win something!)

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