Friday, July 06, 2012

Brooke…the first few of many!


Brooke joined Rachel for the second half of Rachel’s shoot that got cut short by wind. And why does Brooke get even more senior pictures after these? Because beautiful Brooke is not only a senior model, but is Brenda’s daughter. If you’ve been anywhere around Michelle Kroll Photography for the last few years, you have met Brenda. She does bookings, she assists on shoots, she edits, she does sales……yes, she does it all! And she does it all so well, with a smile on her face and such a great attitude! She is the backbone of the studio and my business partner! So Brooke I hope you like your sneak peek and Brenda I hope you do as well! Now more portraits for you home! Thanks for being not only a great business partner but a fabulous friend!

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