Sunday, July 08, 2012

Lots and lots of Visitors!

It all started in May, when our foreign exchange students family came to visit from Italy for a few weeks. Goodness, we had fun showing them Colorado! What a wonderful family and the time just flew. Especially, with Carmelo’s great cooking and meeting a soul sister in Daniela.  Then, the day they left, my sister arrived with her kids. I got to meet my new nephew Sam for the first time! What an absolute joy this child is! And, my niece has grown so much! And, of course it was wonderful catching up with my real life soul sister, Teri. Then, as they were out the door, my parents decided to spend some time with us to escape the heat in their non-air conditioned home in Lakewood. They left, and Elia came back from her whirlwind tour of the Western US, just giving us enough time to show her a few more Colorado sights, and events, before she was packing up and flying back to Sicily. Goodness, how we will miss that girl. My daughter from another mother, our ray of sunshine, that added so much joy and happiness to our household, for the 6 months she lived with us. And now, we are back to the five us. So glad that Steph and Chase are back from school or it would be WAY too quiet around here after all those visitors! But… you know why it has been so quiet on the blog and why you haven’t seen many seniors. However, now it is time to catch up and you will be seeing LOTS and LOTS of blog posts and lots and lots of the Class of 2013. Bring it 2013!!! We are ready and fully booked!

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