Thursday, November 15, 2012

Doe a Deer and another NF family!

Kristi's-KidsKristi's-Kids-1Kristi's-Kids-2Kristi's-Kids-11Kristi's-Kids-4Kristi's-Kids-7Kristi's-Kids-12Leisel, Fredrich, Louisa, Brigitta, Kurt and Gretl….no, no, wait, that was another family! Although their mom has heard that before, this is  Bailey, Braden, Riley, Rachel, Riker and Brooklyn! However, they were as much fun as the Von Trapp family.

I met their mom Kristi while searching online for information on NF.  I found this wonderful blog……Thriving with Neurofibromatosis. Not only well written, but informative, and often times humorous. Kristi shares her families triumphs and struggles with NF and life in general,  all with an amazing attitude that defines Kristi.

Kristi, Bailey, Braden and Rachel all have NF.  I was so thrilled when we talked further and found out she was in the Denver area. Since we both share numerous trips to Children’s Hospital we made it a point to meet while there.

Then, she helped guide us when Ryan and Bailey were both invited to attend Round Up River Ranch this summer. Kristi has served as a counselor there and Bailey attended last summer as well. Of course, we touched base at the Denver NF Walk and I met a few more of her clan.

Then finally, when senior season slowed down, I got to meet and photograph all the kids (and a few with Kristi!).  My business partner Brenda and I had so much fun with these kids, that when they left, we both agreed that is was one of our favorite shoots to date.  They are so full of personality and life! “Thriving” despite their struggles as Kristi would say!

As we photograph more NF families, my goal is to raise greater awareness of NF. Then,  hopefully as more people hear their stories, visit their blogs and facebook pages, we will raise more funds to help fight NF.  As we say on Ryan's Blog and Facebook page…… No One Wants to Fight Alone!

In this season of Thankfulness, I am thankful for all the NF friends that have come into our lives!

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