Friday, February 01, 2013

Perspective - 52 Clicks Project

Squirrel!!! That popular line from the movie UP where the dog is constantly getting distracted, defines my life. I like this, and I like that, and I want to do this thing, then that thing.  It is exhausting! Constantly chasing after the next thing that catches my attention.

Pair that "squirrel" attitude with my innate need to always research everything to the extreme for fear of making the wrong choice. Then,  you have a constantly stressed and overwhelmed Michelle.

Perspective. That's what I needed. And this week I took a social media break to get some work done and gain some of that perspective. Yep, a week of No Facebook , No Instagram,  and No Tweets. It has been liberating to say the least.

I got organized. I worked on reworking all aspects of the business. I worked on catching up with client orders. I organized again.  I worked on some things that I've been meaning to do for years and gained perspective.

Perspective about the business and some perspective about life. Being creative I tend to be a little disorganized. Not as bad as some, but I could use some improvement. Also, being self employed I can do pretty much what I want. When I want. Which for me All. The. Time.

Not only did I need some perspective, but I needed organization AND a schedule. A plan. A plan for social media time, email time, shooting time, editing time and most importantly family and friend time. Perspective AND Balance!

I'm still not there yet, but after this week, I'm closer. And next week.... after a scheduled social media catch up on Monday morning..... I'll be taking another social media break for the rest of the week to finish what I started!

Because, I did learn that I can't always chase that squirrel. That I don't need to research EVERYTHING! That mistakes are a part of life and a learning experience. And, most importantly that with only work and no family or friends you really do have nothing.

Perspective. It's a wonderful thing.

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