Thursday, November 07, 2013


 Finally! Miss Alli gets her blog post. Alli was one of our senior models this year and we also photographed her sister Madi last year. Alli had just come back from vacation when her senior session was scheduled and was really tan. We got a few photos in and it started raining like crazy. But no worries, we were able to finish up another time and got some great images of beautiful Alli.

Alli, as her sister before her, came totally prepared for their session with outfits on hangers (pressed and ready) and jewelry attached in hanging bags to each outfit! It was awesome! They both had the best accessories EVER! Many that I would have loved to keep but they looked too good on Alli!

Now for Alli and her mom comes the task of deciding which portraits she wants for their home. Tough task! But, whatever they decide it will be perfect!

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