Tuesday, November 05, 2013


Ummm...yeah, so the green, green grass might be a little bit of a hint that I am VERY behind at blogging. But trying to redeem myself now with a ton of blog posts in the next few days. ;)

This is Jack and his wonder dog. Ok, so maybe not really a wonder dog, but dang I loved this dog. A golden retriever chocolate lab mix rescued from a shelter she was so well behaved and gorgeous! I've been wanting a dog for a while and assured Jack that she would have a good home with me but Jack was not going for it. I tried.

Jack is a hockey player at Chap and the third of three siblings that I photographed. He was so young when I first met him but all grown up now and ready to graduate and fly the nest soon. So, much fun during his session (actually two sessions as the first was rained out after the first few minutes) to catch up with him and his mom and sisters. Even got a few shots with his sisters.  Hmmmm...wondering if he will be able to take Ellie to college? If not I know a good home...although I'm sure I'd have to fight not only his mom, but his sisters as well! Great to see all of you!

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