Sunday, February 16, 2014

Family Sessions - Part Two....the Kids.

Okay, Okay, so some of these kids aren't so little. In fact, one is in Medical School and one graduated from College and is in the work world. So, I guess "younger generation" would have been a better term.  Or, grandkids and great grandkids. But all the same. When we photograph families, of course we photograph the family. However, we also do breakouts of the "younger generation" individually and together, as well as the parents together. In fact, all sorts of breakout groups.  It's a lot of photographs and a lot of family memories to last a lifetime!

In this situation, since we had so many family members to photograph and given the young ages of some of them, we broke it into two separate days to give the younger kids a break.  It aslo gave my cousin Maria, along with her brothers, two separate days to host a family reunion of sorts.  A photo reunion! With some AWESOME food and company!

Coming tomorrow....the landscapes and fun shots of the rest of the trip to Michigan!

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