Saturday, February 15, 2014

Family Sessions....They're Back! And, we Travel!

 Yes, starting in 2014 we will again be photographing families! And, we have some great ideas to make it fun for the whole family (even the guys!) but more on that later. We are working on the pricing and the finishing touches right now, but already have some families that want portraits and are getting into the calendar.

For now, let me tell you about THIS family! We have had seniors fly in from Washington, Oklahoma and even Florida to have senior portraits taken. However, this is the first time I have flown to a photo shoot. This one was in Michigan and a big family portrait spanning FOUR generations! AND, it's my family! My extended family, in Michigan. What a wonderful trip we had with these wonderful families.  In fact, this post will have to span three posts. First, the families, then the breakout of the kids and then the landscapes.

It was a bit of a challenge with ages spanning from the 80's to less than one but got it done and had some fun. Also, had some great family get together's as my cousin Maria is the ultimate hostess.  Now, we just need to do a big family reunion again with all the families from Michigan, Colorado and California. I know a great photographer to photograph the event.  haha. Here's a few of the family breakouts with the younger generation portraits to debut tomorrow. Makes me miss the wonderful Michigan trees! More tomorrow!

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