Monday, June 06, 2016

Acting Headshots | Maria | NYC

Maria is from Parker but lives now in the heart of the Big Apple. She was home for a few days after recently graduating from acting school in NYC. I was so honored when she called to have me take her headshots for the auditions she will be doing when she returns to NYC. 

She was a dream to work with, and when her mom showed me a video of some acting she had done in NYC....well suffice it to say...I was blown away! This girl is really talented!! She can seriously act! I can so see her up on the big screen or in television.

I have a feeling that she is one of those that I will be saying," I knew her when".... very soon! Can't wait to see where life takes you Maria. And, I loved hearing your stories about making your relatives be your audience when you were growing up. This girl ALWAYS knew what she wanted to do!

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