Monday, June 27, 2016

Princess Prom | The Next Four Princesses | 2017 Model Team | Styled Session

And, finally finishing up with our princess Prom Styled Session..... where we transformed our Class of 2017 Senior Models into Princesses with their Prom are our last Four Stunning Princesses...KJ as Rapunzel (high up in her tower and then rescued from her tower), Megan as Jasmine (aboard her flying carpet), Whitney as our Ariel (with the perfect prom dress for Ariel) and Madi H. (who couldn't be more perfect ) as Belle!

Again, from previous posts in case you didn't see or read was cold, and we didn't get to go to "the castle" like we planned, these girls slayed it and got so much in character!

Special shout outs to our assistant Brenda, who is always, always such a help. To our hair and make up artist Heather who worked miracles transforming 8 girls into princesses in a short time frame and to our Model Whitney's mom who was a huge help, even hauling out "magic carpets" from the entryway to the back yard. No small feat!

So love our models! We have a summer of fun planned with them for more model sessions and their senior sessions where they get time all to themselves!

Photographer | Michelle Kroll
Assistant | Brenda Thomann
HMUA | Heather Schneider

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