Thursday, August 25, 2016

Squad Team Goals | Goodbye to Summer | 2017 Model Team | Styled Session


 So, About the time that T. Swift was having her Squad 4th of July blow out par-tay we were having our own squad party of another kind...a working kind. A painting the studio, water balloons, Popsicle and photo shoot kind.

A few of our Class of 2017 Model Crew came (at least the ones that were in town) to paint for points and have some fun! And is is a month and a half later and yep, we didn't get any further on painting the studio than we did that day. Oh well.... it's been a busy summer!

However,  not to be outdone by Taylor, we have our own pictures from that day. A farewell ode to summer on this fallish feeling day. Now, school is back in session, labor day is just around the corner and the days are getting shorter. We will sure miss you summer! Can't wait to see you again!

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