Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving | Farewell to Fall | Creative Session

Happy Thanksgiving!! So sad to see fall wrapping up!! Here's a model post from another Collaboration with Tanja Melone Photography from a few years back that never got a blog post. LOVED this shoot with our 2014 Models. I had just photographed an engagement session at this spot and wanted to go back. There were a few less leaves but still stunning.

Every fall I think I will go back to shoot here and I never find the time. So Sad! Thought I would revisit this shoot before all the Christmas madness begins and to point our how thankful I am to live is such a beautiful state! I may complain about the cold once in a while, and while I love to travel and see the world..... But.... truthfully.....Colorado you have my heart!

So thankful for so many things this year!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! One of my favorite holidays that totally does not get the attention it deserves. As the screen saver of my phone says......Be Kind. Be Thoughtful. Be Genuine. But most of all... Be Thankful!

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