Wednesday, November 30, 2016

KJ | Ponderosa High School | Class of 2017 Senior

Oh KJ! This girl blew us away with her activities and involvement when she applied to be a senior model! Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Newspaper, Athletic council, Link Crew, student Council,  and lots and lots of swimming, to name a few.

In fact, in our senior questionnaire she said the best part of high school was getting involved and setting an example. And, what an example she set as a part of our team. Always on time, involved and bubbling over with enthusiasm. I think I must have told her mom how much I enjoyed her about a million times.

Also, on her questionnaire we ask for them to tell us "something about your best friend" and she said "everyone thinks we are dating". They're not. But, they have known each other forever and are the best of friends. So we photographed a couple of the two of them together. And, he helped out with her swim pics, since he is also a swimmer.

Oh KJ! You... with the Abercrombie good looks, the hair anyone would die for, the love and life and brains to match.....we can't wait to see where this wonderful life takes you!

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