Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Another Great Tyler..

So.... little did I know that when I attended the Prom Fashion Show a few weeks back and listened to this great band, that I'd be taking photos of one it's members this week! My friend and I were commenting how great they were, and couldn't believe some were high school students. They were SO good! We were definitely NOT surprised when we found out they can frequently be seen playing at Jocks and Jills, a local sports restaurant here.
The biggest thrill for me was taking Tyler's guitar photos!!! I've SO been wanting to do guitar photos! I had such a hard time narrowing my choices down to the three shown here! It was so much fun!
Tyler's a great guy, and although he was a little shy about photos at the beginning, his true rockin' personality shown through as we kept going.
So Tyler...... I hope you will think of me for those future CD covers. And if anyone doubts those future CD covers, go see Tyler and his band for yourself, they are that good!

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