Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Last 08 Senior!

So Josh's Mom was waiting for his senior pictures until he got his braces off. Then, right after he got his braces off, he cut his hair....short. So we waited until it grew back a bit. Now, we finally got his senior pictures done and it was perfect timing! My tree was blooming and the weather was great!
I know his Mom wants to see lots of big smiles to show off those fabulous straight teeth. And we got a lot of those. I did a few not so smiley ones to show off those fabulous blue eyes!
Josh works at a men's clothing store, so he had lots of great outfits. I was asking him how some of the models pose for the ads at the store (I'm always looking for new guy poses!). He demonstrated one of the more popular ad poses in the last photo shown here. Maybe not a traditional "senior" pose but I really like it! Thanks for the idea Josh! It was so great to meet you and great fun finally doing your senior pictures!

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